Originally from Cospicua, Alison Zerafa Civelli lives in Kalkara with her husband Christian and their daughter Carla. The second of five siblings, Alison is the daughter of Emanuela and Anthony Zerafa. She is proud to have always attended government schools and after sixth form, enrolled at the University of Malta for the Bachelor of Education course. After graduating, she continued her studies and obtained a master’s degree in education from the University of Malta. Alison is currently pursuing a further Master’s degree in Management and Good Governance.

At heart, she is an educator, having taught at various levels and in government schools. She has worked with students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and children from under-privileged backgrounds. In 2016 Alison served as an assistant principal and later as an educational coordinator at another learning centre.

Between 2013 and 2022 she held the position of Mayor of Cospicua – a position that gave her invaluable experience in the practicalities of Local Government. The experience also brought her closer to her community through daily contact with people in her constituency. In March 2022, Alison successfully contested the General Election with the Labour Party and was elected to the Maltese Parliament where she was entrusted with the appointment of Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government.

Political and Local Involvement

From the age of sixteen Alison was actively involved in several local voluntary groups as well as being an active member of the Labour party. Her first volunteering job was with Dar it-Tama in Cospicua, and later at the local Cospicua Labour committee. She also contributed within the highest institutions of the Labour Party – both in the National Executive and the Labour Youth Forum. She also took part in popular TV programs on ONE TV, including Bla Agenda, Viċi-Versa, Sitta Ġewwa and many others.

Alison’s political and voluntary experience in her local community established strong values of working hard, giving back, and supporting those most in need.  Her mission is to ensure that her community’s voice is clearly heard on local and national issues while advocating for and building stronger Local Councils in other communities in Malta and Gozo.