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Bulky Refuse Collection from your doorstep

All you really have to do is phone your Local Council, giving them details of the kind of bulky refuse you would like to have collected, and you will immediately be informed as to when to have it ready for collection outside your home. It is a very practical and efficient way of getting rid of bulky refuse. Your cooperation is the key to the system’s success.

Bulky refuse has always been a headache for persons with a genuine concern over the urban and natural environments. What to do with it was their dilemma as well as their communities’. Happily, a majority of people today feel the need for a good and efficient bulky refuse collection, a wish that has been fulfilled in most localities.

Thanks to this Local Council service, many of the old, ugly pile-ups of bulky refuse in the outskirts of our towns and villages have disappeared. Some  persist, but the system is steadily gaining ground to help in the process of eliminating them for the benefit of all residents and their families.

Domestic waste collection has also seen a remarkable change since January 2023 when the system of collection was assumed by the Regional Councils. In this way, the anomaly of having different localities collecting different colour bags on different days was resolved. Malta and Gozo now have a uniform domestic waste collection system.

A uniform, practical, and efficient domestic waste collection service is what the public had been demanding and in which they can be an even bigger part of its success. Clean village and town streets and squares are what our communities and the tourists who use them deserve.

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