Mayor and Councillors

Mayor:                   Mr Anthony Dalli

Deputy Mayor:      Dr Dorian Sciberras LL.D

Councillors:            Mr Wilfrid Buttigieg 
                                Mrs Maris Azzopardi 
                                Mrs Yvonne Bartolo

Executive Secretary: Mr Etienne Montfort

Mr Anthony Dalli, Mayor: 
Finance, Administration, Environment, Public Order, Capital Projects, European Union, Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Local Organisations, Departments and Public entities.
Dr Dorian Sciberras LL.D, Deputy Mayor:
Youths, Sports, Bye-Laws, Information, Legal matters and Town Twinning.
Mr Wilfrid Buttigieg, Councillor:
Consumer rights and services, Local Tourism, Commercial entities and Animal Welfare.
Mrs Maris Azzopardi, Councillor:
Women Rights and Persons with Disability.
Mrs Yvonne Bartolo, Councillor:
Family, Elderly, Health, Education and Culture.