There are several number of organisations in IX-Xagħra namely:
The Youth Centre - this centre provides spiritual and emotional formation to Ix-Xagħra youths. It is situated in 28th April 1688 Street. President: Rev. Can Anthony Refalo.
The Victory Band - it is the first band founded in Gozitan villages. The Victory Philarmonic Society was founded on 25 October 1898, with the initiative of the then Ix-Xagħra Archpriest Rev. Ġużepp Diacono under the direction of Mro. Eduardo Farina. This society was renewed in 1934 under the direction of Mro. Mikiel Farrugia. This society gives musical training to those Ix-Xagħra students wishing to play a musical instrument within the same local band. The club serves also as a recreational place. It is situated in Maria Bambina Street. President: Mr. Eucharist Sultana.
Legion of Mary - a group of people meeting together in the Vocational Centre to learn more about the Blessed Virgin Mary. President: Mr. Joseph Refalo.
MUSEUM - the Society of Christian Doctrine, founded by Saint George Preca on 7th March 1907, has two branches in Ix-Xagħra: the boys' branch and the girls' branch. The Boys' MUSEUM is situated in Dun Ġorġ Preca Street while the Girls' MUSEUM is found in January Street. Boys' Superior: Mr. Joseph Attard. Girls' Superior: Ms. Rita Sacco.
The Guiding Light - a group of youths meeting together for prayers and social activities in the Nazzarenu Centre. President: Mr. Jason Joe Farrugia.
Radio Bambina - this community radio station broadcasts on 98.3FM. It was opened in 1997 by Rev. Can John Sultana. It broadcasts all the year round with special schedules during Christmas time, Easter and the titular feast of the Nativity of Our Lady. President: Mgr Archpriest Carmelo Refalo.
Christmas in Ix-Xagħra - this society was founded on the initiave of Mgr Eucharist Sultana (at that time Archpriest of Ix-Xagħra Parish) in order to organise several Christmas activites in Ix-Xagħra. The date of foundation is 29th October, 2004. President: Mr. Victor Agius.
Għaqda Armar 2 ta' Settembru 1973 - this society helps to conserve the feast decorations which are kept throughout the year in the store situated in 28th April 1688 street (next to the youth Centre) and exposed in the square and main streets of Ix-Xagħra during the titular feast days. The date of 2 September 1973 recollects the glorious event of the titular statue's Incoronoation by H.E. Bishop Nicholas J. Cauchi.
Għaqda tan-Nar "VMB 1973" - this society prepares the fireworks programme for the titular feast of 8 September.
Catholic Action - President Ms Natalina Sultana.
Ix-Xagħra United Football Club - founded in 1936.
Ix-Xagħra Scout Group- founded again on 18 May 2008. President Mr. Vincent Vella
Gozo Amateur Athletic Association - organises the annual Gozo Marathon in Ix-Xagħra
PL Ix-Xagħra Branch (with its club situated in Church Street) and PN Ix-Xagħra Branch (with its club situated in Racecourse Street)