Pieta Map

The two distinct localities of Pietà-Guardamangia that today form one single district have different geographical formations. Pietà developed at the lower end of a deep valley, formerly known as ‘Wied il-Qasab’, literally meaning the Valley of Reeds. This natural dale is situated at the far inner part of Marsamxetto Harbour. Guardamangia, on the other hand, grew over a promontory, formerly known as ‘Il-Qortin’ (meaning, precisely, headland) that overlooked the valley on the left. This cape is around sixty metres above sea level. The first to be developed was the lower part of the locality around the late 16th century, whereas the higher part developed from the mid-20th century onwards. Geographically, the most drastic changes occurred at the valley. The shoreline, for instance, was much deeper than it is today, and consisted of a sand beach. This was filled over during and after World War II.