Saint Margaret V.M. Parish Church
A chapel stood on this spot since the late middle ages. Then as now it was dedicated to Saint Margaret, a virgin martyr from Antioch in Pisidia, modern Turkey. It was certainly functioning in 1575, when it even had a small bell tower and a graveyard in front. The chapel stood the ravages of time and on April 28, 1688 it was designated the parish church for the people of Sannat and Munxar.

 Parish Church



Altar - Parish Church

A larger and better church was built next to the ancient chapel by 1718. Slowly but sureley, the parishioners did a lot to embellish their church, eventually consecrated on October 19, 1755. It was further enlarged in the 1860's and blessed again in 1868. Two bell towers were built some years later and the majestic dome was raised in 1910. A staue of Saint Margaret was first brought to Sannat in 1863 and the present beautiful statue reached the village in 1891.
St. Margerita
On December 19, 1893, the parish priest was given the title of Archpriest. On December 12, 1957 the parish became a "matrice" with the dismemberment of the parish of Munxar.