​The St. Gregory Band Club
The "St. Gregory Band Club" was founded in 1997, and is giving its share in various religious events and other social events organized in the village of Ta' Kercem and in Gozo during the year.
Kercem Ajax Football Club
The year 1953 marked another important milestone in the history of the village as the Kercem Ajax Football Club was founded. Originally it had its club at the St Gregory Band Club but today it boasts of a modern club which forms part of a larger sports complex named after Raymond Mercieca in Orvieto Square.
Our Lady of Sokkors Club (Għaqda Armar Madonna tas-Sokkors)
This club, formerly known as Għaqda Zgħażagħ Armar Kercem, was founded on 29 July 1991 by a group of people from Ta' Kercem. The main purpose of this club was to establish an association to work among the young people of Ta' Kercem, and who could also offer their help to organise the village festa.
In fact, the main task of the members of this organization is to help put up the external festa decorations in preparation to the titular feast of the village, thus helping to promote local culture and folklore and even organize youth activities.
Over the years the voluntary work offered by the club members has increased and today this club is made up of various committees. The entire work of this organization is aimed mainly and contributes to the success of the titular feast of Ta' Kercem. The great work done by its members can be seen in the decorations that are put up in the main streets of Ta' Kercem on the occasion of the titular feast. One can mention the standards and light festoons, sets of fabric banners, richly decorated pedestals and even the restoration of old street decorations. In 1998, the association commissioned the Gozitan artist Michael Camilleri Cauchi to work on the statue known as "the two", bearing the image of the two patrons of Ta' Kercem - Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Sokkors) and St.
 Gregory the Great. This statue is carried in a popular procession on the second day of the Tridum. The members of the Association may also boast that in 1997 they restored are presented back to the villagers, the old titular statue of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, engraved in wood by the Sicilian sculptor, Francesco Lo Turco. Years ago this statue was sold to third parties but today it is back in the village for which it was originally made.
The club also contributes to the administration of the parish centre, which today is a place where young people come to enrich their knowledge and also relax through honest entertainment.
On the other hand, work on newly assembled decorations, and the restoration of existing ones take place in the stores next to the Church. These stores are open throughout the year and these works are performed under the supervision of able Maltese and Gozitan craftsmen. The pride of these persons in on seeing the village streets dressed up with much love and diligence for the village festa.
The Klula Folk Foundation
This foundation was set up in 2005 to protect and preserve as much as possible the hamlet of Santa Lucija so that it is not lost forever and also to discover and revive old traditions. The principal activities of the Foundation are the organising of the Wine Festival, Grandma’s Meal and the "Festival of Light".
The Klula Foundation was instrumental in the preserving of this locality and was awarded the honour "European Destinations of Excellence Award 2007-2008" by the European Commission, upon an application lodged on their behalf, by the Ta' Kercem Local Council.