The locality of Swieqi hosts 8200 residents. The neighbouring localities are St. Julains to the South, San Gwann to the West, Gharghur to the North and Pembroke to the East.
 In the locality we have 2 valleys. One of which Wied Ghomor we share with Gharghur, San Gwann and St. Julians. The other valley Wied il-Kbir (also known as Wied Mejxu) starts from Gharghur to Madliena and to St. Andrews Road
 Although in Winter we have 8200 residents but in Summer due to foreign students, the figure is increased by to 14,200.
 Swieqi also enjoys the historic building of Victoria Lines and Fort Madliena. These were built during the Queen Victoria Realm. Both sites are very popular during the summer by british tourists.