• Francesco Zahra (Painter) B.1710 D.1773
• Juan Batista Azopardo (Founder of the Argentine Navy) B.1772 D.1848
• Mons Ignazio Panzavecchia (Priest Policitian) B.1855 D.1925
• Andrea Debono (Renowned Maltese Ivory Trader and Explorer) B.1821 D.1871
• Carlo Darmanin (Scupltor) B.1825 D.1909
• John F.Marks (Trade Unionist) B.1894 D.1954
• Louis Xikluna (Ship Builder) B.1808 D.1880
• Tomaso Madiona (Painter, engraver and Musician) B.1804 D.1864
• Dom Mauro Iguanez (Librarian of famous Benedectine Monastery in Monte Cassino) B.1887 D.1955