• St. Ignatius College
In Tal-Ħandaq, limits of Ħal Qormi, today one finds the new Saint Ignatius College, previously known as Liceo Vassalli, a Boys’ Secondary school. The origin of this school dates back from 1947, when in Tal-Ħandaq Qormi was relocated the Dockyard School which had been opened in 1880 in Senglea, for the children of the dockyard English workers. This School was closed in 1978 and in 1981 it reopened as the Boys Junior Lyceum, named after Mikiel Anton Vassalli.
In 2007 this school was rebuilt and today is known as Saint Ignatius College which includes the Girls’ Secondary School in Blata l-Bajda, and the primary schools in Ħal Qormi, Żebbuġ, Luqa and Siġġiewi.
Primary and Secondary Schools in Ħal Qormi
The first school in Ħal Qormi was opened in 1940. Guze Galea the qormi writer and historian left a vivid portrait of this qormi school in the begining of the 20th century. The School was in the building which today houses the Police station, and was divided in three houses, each with two classes.
There was also another school for a period in St. Catherine Street, which later was moved to Main Street where today houses the convent of the Agostinian Sisters. The school was later moved to the police station. In 1894 the Augustinian Sisters opened their convent and a school for infants named after Saint Monica.
Around 1930 the St Gorg primary school was built. Until recently the St Gorg School housed also the Boys’ Secondary School, named after the historian Dr. Guze Galea who was from Ħal Qormi.
In 1956 the St Sebastian Primary school was inaugurated. For a short period the St Sebastian School housed also the Girls’ Secondary school.
  • St. Ignatius College (Maria Assunta Pace)
Address Administration Centre, Pjazza Federico Maempel, Ħal Qormi
Tel (+356) 2180 8527, 2148 6108

Primary Schools
  • St. Ignatius College, Ħal Qormi San Ġorġ Primary
Address 38, Pjazza Federico Maempel, Ħal Qormi
Tel (+356) 2148 7249
Fax (+356) 2149 3053
  • St. Ignatius College, Ħal Qormi San Bastjan Primary
Address Narbona Square, Ħal Qormi
Tel (+356) 2144 2851, 2148 8296
Fax (+356) 2148 8883

Secondary School
  • St. Ignatius College Boys' Secondary
Address Triq tal-Ħandaq, Ħandaq
Tel (+356) 2144 4031, 2144 4052
Fax (+356) 2149 1523
  • St.Ignatius College Girls’ Secondary
Address Triq tal-Ħandaq, Ħandaq
Tel (+356) 2144 8283, 2144 8285