Twinning with Salina
Qala is twinned with the island of Salina. The twinning was signed at Salina on 23rd September 2001 and at Qala on 13th October 2001.

Salina is the second largest of the seven Eolie or Lipari islands. It lies in the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the Mediterranean, off northeastern Sicily. It has an area of 26 km square (10 square miles) and is administered as part of the Messina province in Sicily.

Salina consists of two extinct volcanoes and boasts the highest point of the Eolian Islands, Fosse delle Felci, 962 metres (3,156 feet) above sea level. The population, around 2,350 is concentrated in three towns, Santa Marina Salina, its main port, halfway on the eastern coast; Malfa, on a plain to the north and Leni, amidst the vineyards on the slopes of Fossa delle Felci.

On the process to conclude twinning agreement with Lanciano, Italy
At the moment the Qala Local Council is in close contact with Lanciano, Italy regarding another twinning exchange.

Lanciano, the town of the Eucharistic Miracle, the town of art, music, traditions and fairs.
Lanciano was founded earlier than Rome on three hills, in sight of the Adriatic sea and the Maiella mountain, divided into four quarters, with nine gates along the ancient walls and nine fountains.

Very important and various is the architectural heritage, starting from the magnificent churches, that in their style, are a cross-section of Italian art from Middle Ages to Twentieth – Century, up to the modern buildings in the new expansion areas.

The name of Lanciano is mentioned in important literary works written by Guicciardini, Torquato Tasso, Laclos Lear, Benedetto Croce and Mario Pomilio among other authors.