• S​t. Oswald Church
    This chapel, which is dedicated to St. Oswald in the Mtarfa Hospital, was built by the British and was kept in a good condition. Nowadays it used to serve the Mtarfa residents for all their religious activities. It has only one altar.

    Mass Service
    Monday to Friday at 18.00hrs;
    Saturday at 08.00 hrs.
    Sunday at 07.30 hrs and 09.00hrs. 
  • St. Lucy Church
    This chapel was built in the year 1500, by family Darmanin from Birgu. The Bishop Dusina visited the chapel in the year 1575 – 10 years after the siege. It is situated on “Wied il-Qlejgha” one of the best valleys that exists in Malta. Infact you can see the view well from the parvis at the chapel. St. Lucy’s feast is celebrated on the 13th December.

    Mass Service
    Monday to Friday at 07.45 hrs;
    Saturday at 18.00hrs;
    Sunday at 11.00 hrs and 18.00hrs