• Mgarr Volleyball Club
    The youth centre ‘Qalb bla Tebgha ta` Marija’ is synonymous for many events in Mgarr. Apart from being a place of worship, youngsters and adults alike refer to this place in the heart of this Maltese village for extracurricular activities such as drama, cinema and sports. The courtyard has been used by many generations and for various sports including football, netball, basketball and volleyball. The latter has always been popular between the ‘Imgarrin’ youths and was the most awaited and passionate tournament during sports days. It was because of this great enthusiasm that this sport was practiced regularly and ultimately led to the dream of forming a team of players competing in the Men’s National Volleyball league.

    Shortly after the yearly successful ‘Maratona Sports’ ( organised at this youth centre held between the 27th and the 28th of February 2010, a group of about 10 volleyball followers organised training twice a week. The number continued to grow and these beginners gained more and more interest in practicing volleyball. As months passed by, it was decided with help of the Mgarr Local Council and other key persons in this group that a club will be officially introduced and took part in the Men’s National League and other tournaments.

    Without hesitation, ‘Mgarr Volleyball Club’ was the name of the club that the newly formed committee decided upon as it would reflect the passion most of us have for this north-western village, which is renowned for the motto: ‘Rahal zghir b’qalb kbira’ (Small village with a big heart). This was just the beginning for this club and things started to take shape: supporters saw the potential of this club and joined the training sessions, the club affiliated to the Malta Volleyball Association (MVA), new kits were ordered, a number of sponsors were found to help finance the expenses and training turned even more professional. It was happening!!

    The club, together with the much appreciated help of the Mgarr Local Council, organised its first ever Beach Volley Tournament. This event invited anyone to take part in a 2-day evening tournament finished off with a delicious BBQ on the sandy beach of Gnejna Bay. What beats that on a hot summer’s night?! It was a huge success thanks to the organisation and the superior quality of volleyball that was played. Team from outside the village took part in the 2010 tournament and the club encourages even more players to take part in similar tournaments in the coming years.

    With the generous help of official club sponsors, Mgarr Volleyball Club was able to start training sessions in well-equipped gyms on a twice-a-week basis. These gyms provide the best scenario and equipment to decrease the possibility of unwanted injuries and increase the level of training at the same time. This was one good decision that aided the club’s fast progress and saw sharp improvement in all the players throughout the off-season summer period.

    This led to the organisation of the first Training Camp in Gozo. Mgarr Volleyball Club visited this small island to train intensively for 3 days towards the end of September of 2010. Six exhaustive training sessions and a friendly match were organised throughout this sensational weekend and this helped us prepare well, both physically and mentally, for the National League which started in October.

    Moving forward, the committee members, players, family and friends aim to continue realising the dream for this club which cannot succeed without the continuous support of all those who helped in building, maintaining and organising the Mgarr Volleyball Club that we all love!

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