• ​San Nikola College – Primary School Mgarr
    Mgarr Primary is the village school of Mgarr, a picturesque rural village situated in the north-west of the island of Malta. It is a very old and quiet village with very early inhabitants. Ta’ Hagrat Temples are a clear proof of these settlers.

    The school was officially inaugurated in 1923 by his Excellency Lord Plumer, Governor of Malta. Father Edgar Salmon, vice-parish priest of the village, worked hard and finally succeeded in having an educational institution functioning at the heart of the village. The initial plan of the school consisted of classrooms along the facade. After the Second World War, some more classes were added to accommodate the rising population of Mgarr.

    More classrooms were added in the mid-fifties. This plan has changed in the last five years. More classes had to be added because the population of Mgarr was increasing rapidly. The classes that were added after the Second World War were brought down and instead an enormous community hall, a multi media room, a library and clinic were newly built. For the first time classes were added on the first floor of the school. At the time being the school is still under construction and when finished it will be one of the most beautiful and resourceful schools to meet today’s needs. The old part of the school is now being used as the school’s administrative offices and a fully furnished reading room.

    The school was officially named after Ganni A. Cilia, on the 25th of March 1998, in the presence of Mr.Ganni Cilia himself and other distinctive personalities of the island. Ganni Cilia served as a headmaster at Mgarr Primary for a long time.

    This year, the new Head of School is Dr.Marcel DeGabriele. Within a solid administrative team, consisting of the Head, an Assistant together with ten teachers, five kindergarten assistants, four facilitators and with the support staff, together with all the stakeholders of the educational system, he is working towards creating an inclusive school in the true spirit of the National Minimum Curriculum.

    It offers Primary Level of Education to more than 300 students.

    St. Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary School, Fisher Road,  Mgarr, MGR 9054
    Tel: 21574762 / 2157063
    E-mail: /

  • San Anton School (Private)
    San Anton School Malta, is an independent, co-educational, mixed ability school educating over 900 students aged 18 months to 16 years from Pre-Kindergarten right through to Secondary level.

    Since its inception in 1988 as the original school of the Parents Foundation for Education, San Anton School is committed to instilling a quality education through a broad and balanced curriculum whilst promoting each student`s self-confidence and individuality, in a well -ordered environment.

    Through its proven track record of forward thinking methods, excellent examination results and professional staff complement, San Anton School confirms its position as Malta`s leading educational institution. San Anton School also boasts a unique countryside location in Imselliet, extensive sports facilities together with a vast extra - curricular program.

    San Anton School, L-Imselliet, l/o Zebbiegh. MGR 2850
    Tel: (+356) 2158 1907 / (+356) 2158 1908

  • San Andrea School (Private)
    San Andrea School is a fully inclusive school irrespective of ability, race, class or creed.

    School must be a happy environment. Children, staff and parents must feel confident and feel a sense of belonging.

    Each child will be encouraged to become independent and responsible, taking an active part in his or her own learning. Emphasis will be placed on the development of self discipline and personal organisation.

    The School aims to develop competence. Each child will be treated as an individual and will be encouraged to strive for excellence so as to realise his or her full potential in all areas of the curriculum. The main emphasis will be on the nurturing of the child's inquisitive mind so as to develop effective learning skills and healthy attitudes towards research and learning.

    Each child will receive a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum ensuring progress and continuity within and between schools. Each child will have equal access to all aspects of the curriculum.

    Pupils' thoughts, ideas and suggestions will be encouraged, accepted and valued.

    Through all of its practices, San Andrea School is committed to develop in children a caring nature, responsive to other people's needs; to respect others whatever their colour or creed; to work in co-operation developing tolerance and understanding - thus underpinning a child's' spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.

    Each child will be encouraged to develop healthy habits and life skills through personal and social education aided by various aspects of physical education.

    Each child will be provided with a stimulating and aesthetic environment to encourage the development of an enquiring mind and to foster enthusiasm, excitement and interest in learning.

    Staff, governors and parents will work together as a team to ensure that the right climate is provided in which children can thrive.

    Parents will be kept informed about their children at regular intervals but immediate communication will always be possible.

    Through all the above, San Andrea School strives to provide the best education for each individual student under its care.

    San Andrea School, L-Imselliet, L/O Zebbiegh, MGR2850, Malta~
    Tel: (+356) 21438800