About the Locality

Where is il-Kalkara?

Il-Kalkara is situated at the south of the Maltese island adjacent to the three cities,known as Cottonera and part of the Grand Harbour with a surface area of 1.75 sq Kilometres, 4 Kilometres away from the Maltese Capital il-Belt Valletta (Città Umilissima) and 3 Kilometres away from the Malta International Airport. Population of 3,000 people,49.6% male and 50.4% female.

Why il-Kalkara?

Il-Kalkara was named after the 12th Earl of il-Kalkara and British Secretary of War in 1859.

What was the origin of il-Kalkara?

It is believed that the il-Kalkara area is one of the oldest inhabited zone, due to the fact that accessible creeks have provided the then Sicilian seamen shelter to settle in Malta.

Old maps and documents always referred to il-Kalkara, (earlier known as Calcara) a suburb of il-Birgu (Città Vittoriosa). As a matter of fact the Capucchin Convent and St Liberata Church have always been referred to 'Fuori la Mura' outside the bastions surrounding the city. The findings of Egyptian Columns in the area known as 'Ta Bighi' in 1830 and the building of Is-Salvatur Chapel in 1650 indicates the various interest in il-Kalkara. Among the historical buildings in il-Kalkara one can find the Wied Għammieq Cemetery, purposely built during the Cholera epidemy in 1837, Fort Rinella, Fort Ricasoli and Villa Portelli which served as a private residence for the Flag Officer in Malta during the British rule.

On the 22nd of June 1890 the foundation stone for the original il-Kalkara Church in Rinella Street, which took 6 years to build, was blessed.

On the 10th December 1897. Mons Pietru Pace, then Bishop for Maltese Islands, issued a decree where Kalkara was declared as an autonomous Parish, thus being separated from the il-Birgu (Città Vittoriosa) matrix. Significantly il-Kalkara had always been a medium populated area. While 800 people lived in this zone in 1813 the population increased to 1,700 by 1898 and around 3,000 people lived in this locality in 2001.

What is the il-Kalkara Local Council?

By virtue of the Local Councils Act (1993) Kalkara is one of 68 localities to have its own Local Council. The first election was held on 16th April 1994. The il-Kalkara Local Council is the local government responsible for the up keeping and maintenance of the locality.

The Council premises are situated at 1/2 Binja tas-Salvatur, Luigi Pisani Street. The Council is made up of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and three Councillors whilst the Executive Secretary is reponsible for the administration and finance of the council.​