When il-Fgura was scantilly inhabited there was no school. Education was not obligatory at the time, and children who wanted to learn, or the parents who wanted to give an education to their children, had to send them to school in the surrounding villages: Bormla (Città Cospicua), Iż-Żejtun (Città Beland), Ħaż-Żabbar (Città Hompesch) or Ħal Tarxien.

Immediately after the end of World War Two, in 1944, Dun Ġużepp Zerafa, the same one who had charge of the chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, took the initiative and applied to the Director of Education, Mr. Brennan, to open a school in il-Fgura. Permission was granted, and the Director of Education authorised Mr. E.B.Vella to open the school.

 The first great headache was to find the premises for the school. Dun Ġużepp approached a certain Mr. Cutajar, and begged him lease of two garages, with a courtyard each, with some rooms at the back, in 16 and 17 in St. Simon Street. Mr. Cutajar accepted, and this was the first school of il-Fgura.

 As time went by, the number of children increased so much that the school administrators had to annex to it a maisonette and another garage. But soon the people of il-Fgura began to feel the need to have a modern, airy and adequate school for their children. The school’s Parent Teachers Association sent a petition in this regard to Government.
The Director of Education acquiesced, and soon a new and most beautiful school was built, down in Carmel Street. It was a single floor school, surrounded by gardens. Its classrooms are well-aired and lit. Later on another storey was added. It has quite a large hall where the children can hold plays and other performances. It also has large courtyards where the children can play during recreation and physical education lessons.

Address:  St Thomas More College Fgura Primary A, Triq il-Kitba, Fgura and St Thomas More College Fgura Primary B, Triq il-Kitba, Fgura. -