• ​​Public Sports Facility
    ​Situated in Cospicua, the Cottonera Sports Complex is the main sports complex in the south of Malta and largest indoor sports facility in Malta. The complex design is innovative and unique to Malta and its roof covers one of the largest spans.
    Types of Sport Services provided
    This facility has two multi-purpose halls with 3 satellite areas.
    Main Hall
    The main Hall has a rubber surface and can fit 3 Volleyball Courts, 6 Badminton Courts and 1 Futsal International Court. The hall has a capacity of 1,200 spectators and has a generously sized press area.
    Multipurpose Hall
    The multipurpose hall which can accommodate over 300 spectators has a concrete floor.
    The Cottonera Complex also has a number of meeting areas which are regularly utilised by sports organisations for committee meetings, annual general meetings etc.
    As its name implies it is utilised for an assortment of activities from children’s P.E. classes and other events. The Complex is also used as a venue for activities of the Malta Volleyball Association, the Badminton Association, Malta Weighlifting Association, the Malta Traditional Karate Federation and the Malta Netball Association. In addition these facilities are also used exclusively for the a number of KMS Sports Programmes including SkolaSport, Summer on the Move, SportsFun, Sports Buzz, and Girls on the Move.
    The complex may be used by international sport users for training camps. Overseas sports associations and non-sporting events also take place in the complex
    C​ottonera Sports Complex,
    Cottonera Avenue,
    Cospicua, BML 9020
    Contact Details
    Number: +356 22036100
  • Cospicua Football Club (St George's)
  • Cospicua Regatta Club (Bormla)