Committees and Sub-Committees

Administrative Committees

​Fleur-de-Lys Administrative Committee
Chairperson: Ms Francesca Zarb 
Deputy Chairperson:

Mr Carmel Camilleri

Members:              Mr Anthony Gatt

Ms Helen Montebello

Swatar Administrative Committee
Chairperson:​​ Mr Matthew Mangion
Deputy Chairperson:

Ms Deborah Galea


Mr Owen-Patrick Attard


Mr Emanuel Galea


Mr John Mary Zahra

Executive Secretary Ms Marita Portelli



Committee  Fleur-de-Lys - Ms Joanne Debono Grech

Committee Finance - Ms Joanne Debono Grech



Sub-Committee Infrastructure, Public Gardens, Environment, Street Cleaning and Street Lighting - Ms Joanne Debono Grech

Sub-Committee Education and Social Affair - Ms Rita Borg

Sub-Committee Traffic Management - Mr Michael Fenech Adami

Sub-Committee Elderly and Family - Mr Jimmy Calleja

Sub-Committee Sports - Mr Kaylocke Buhagiar

Sub-Committee Youth Empowement and Funds - Mr Anthony Buttgieg

Sub-Committee Public Order - Mr John Mizzi

Sub-Committee Tourism - Mr Mark Abdilla

Sub-Committee Youths - Mr John Borg

Sub-Committee Health and Disability - Mr Herbert Conti

Sub-Committee Culture - Dr Josianne Cardona Gatt

Sub-Committee Web-site, Library and Twinning - Mr Patrick Owen Attard

Sub-Committee Commerce and Trade - Ms Marie Claire Zammit​