• St Aloysius College Primary School (previously Stella Maris Primary)
    The Stella Maris School located in Hal Balzan has a long and varied history.

    When the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary arrived in Malta in 1911 they set up a Laboratory which was used for language learning, music and singing as well as sewing, embroidery and lace for girls. Another part of the building was used to gather children to learn and prepare for Holy Communion and Confirmation.

    Part of the building was also used as a clinic and during the war a place for refugees. And in the 1960s when emigration was in it’s peak, the school opened its doors nightly to dozens of girls who were about to leave Malta start a new life in Australia. The girls were trained in Religion, English language, typing, book keeping and other activities.

    As a school, Stella Maris commenced in 1925. It began as a small kindergarten for children. In 1934 the number of children began to increase. Now the school started to be called Stella Maris and was covering the primary level. The Primary for some time was part of the Primary Government of Lija.

    The Superior of that time, Mother Yoland, from Luxemburg, adopted the Montessori method. Sisters Mary Muscat, Mary Bonello and later M.Dolores Muscat were the first sisters to have achieved the Diploma in the method and science of Maria Montessori in London. Other Sisters and teachers pursued various courses from Pre-Birth to 11 +.

    This school had become a model for teachers in the name of STELLA MARIS SCHOOL as we know it today. This was in 1950 when the Kindergarten and Primary school became one. In 1953 the workrooms for girls who met near the children's classes stopped because they were no longer required.

    In July 1957 it was known that the Church needed to have further schools and the the FMM started building four floors. In the year 1963 the school had classes until the 5th year and in 1964 it became a full primary school. From the outset the curriculum was designed according to the Montessori Method for all classes. Holistic education was always the purpose of this school.

    From 1968 to 1972 the number of children who had was made up of girls and boys increased from 524 to 700. Each year had 4 classes. In the meantime the number of teachers grew. Children from this school were being prepared to engage in Secondary schools, including that of St. Aloysius.

    Since 2008 the school was taken over by the Jesuits and was therefore named Primary School St Aloysius.

    St. Aloysius’ College Primary
    76, St. Francis Street
    Balzan BZN1422
    Telephone: 21443248
    Fax: 21485755
    E-mail adddress:

    Head of School: Mrs. Amelia Calleja
    School management also consits of 3 assistant heads and INCO and a Spiritual Director.
    The school population is 540. The students are all boys.

    It is a mixed ability school catering for all types of children including a number of statemented boys.

    Number of teachers are 30 including peripatetic teachers who give Music, PE, IT, Art and PSD lessons.

    Number of LSAs are 37 besides a support (complimentary) teacher and a part-time one who takes care of children who need out-of-class support.

    There are 3 classes at each level except for Year 6 students who are divided into 4 classes. The school secretary and the receptionist take care of the school communication and other administrative work. The minor staff consists of 2 handymen and 7 ladies who work part-time and take care of the cleanliness of the school.

    The school welcomes organisations who offer their services to organise after school activities for all year groups including drama, art and gymnastics.

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