Places of Interest

Historical Buildings
In the typical village of Balzan one finds several historical buildings where important people resided in past times.
Palazzo Bosio
One such building is the old residence of Vincenzo Bosio, commendator for the Order of the Knights St.John. This mansion is found in Mons. F. X. Zahra Street.
Palazzo Antonio in Providence Street, is another historical building which hosted many of the elite members of the Maltese society of the past.
Palazzo Testaferrata built by the noble family Testaferrata on 1760 as summer residence. The Palace is situated at the edge of the village of Balzan, almost at the corner between Main Street and Sant'Antnin Street.  The Palace has an imense and variety history, because it was used as Civil and Criminal Court, Government Primary School,  and today the Social Security offices, the Post office, the Local Councils Association and the Balzan Local Council.
Dar Tar-Reġġent situated in the Main street infront of the Church of St. Mary.  It is a big medivial house which was built by Dottor Giuseppe Maria Bonnici, the last Regiment Captain of Virga tal-qamħ of University of Imdina, the first quarter of the 19th century.
Casa Borg, found in Pope Alexander Street was home for Mons. G. Maioli.
Palazzo Olivier
Wignacourt Cross