Two other notable houses, one that belonged to knight in St. Anthony's Street, and the other to the Caruana Gatto family in Valletta Road, served as primary schools for Attard's children, before the government primary school in Triq Hal Warda was built. Attard's primary school, now named after the famous local 'scalpellino' Tumas Dingli, has grown considerably since the early sixties. It now includes the a kindergarten with a total school population of over 500 pupils. Among its annual fares we find the Sports Day, held in the adjoining football pitch belonging to it, and the Prize Day, which usually comprises a play or talent show put up by some of its own teacher-directed pupils.

This was the first building purposely designed and constructed for Attard's children as a school, earlier 'schools' in St. Anthony Street, Valletta Road and Main Street having been large private residences converted into makeshift teaching establishments for want of a school proper with adequate grounds for sports, assembly and recreation.

Currently apart from this public school there is a kindergarten school and a primary school which are run privately
  • St Nicholas' College Attard Primary School

  • St Cecilia's Kindergarten