Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities

Hon. Silvio Parnis


Honourable Silvio Parnis has been successfully elected in general elections since 1998. He served as mayor of Paola from 1994 until 1998. During the 2003-2008 Legislature, he was the Labour Party Spokesperson for the Senior Citizens and together with a team of experts prepared the position paper of the same Party for this sector.
In 2008, he was appointed Opposition Spokesman of the Labour Party for Consumer Protection. Later during that legislature, Silvio Parnis served as the Opposition Spokesman of the Labour Party for Sustainable Development for the South of Malta. 

In March 2013, he was re-elected in the Maltese Parliament from the fourth district, and was appointed by the Prime Minister as Chairman for the Consultative Council for the South of Malta. During this term he chaired several projects including the Paola Square Project, the study on Wied Blandun and the new concept about the “Ġonna tal-Qari”. Parnis also gave an important contribution on other projects such as the University Premises in Cospicua and Marsascala and the Inwadar Park. From 2013 until 2017, he also occupied the role of Chairman of Bills Committee. 

In 2017, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat appointed Silvio Parnis Parliamentary Secretary of Local Government and Communities. Upon taking office, he immediately began working on what would lead to a reform in both the Local Government and the Local Enforcement.

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