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R(95)19 on the  implementation of the principle of subsidiarity.

R(96)2 on referendums and popular initiatives.

R(97)7 on local public services and the rights of their users.

 R(98)12 on supervision of local authorities' action.

R(99)8 on the financial liability of local elected representatives for acts or omissions in the course of their duties.

R(2000)1 on fostering transfrontier co-operation between territorial communities or authorities in the cultural field.

R(2000)14 on local taxation, financial equalisation and grants to local authorities.

R(2001)19 on the Participation of citizens in the public life.

R(2002)3 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on transfrontier co-operation in civil protection and mutual assistance in the event of natural and technological disasters occurring in frontier areas.

R(2003)2 on neighbourhood services in disadvantaged urban areas.

R(2004)1 on financial and budgetary management at local and regional levels.

R(2004)12 on the processes of reform of boundaries and/or structure of local and regional authorities.

R(2005)1 on the financial resources of local and regional authorities.

R(2005)2 on good practices in and reducing obstacles to transfrontier and interterritorial cooperation between territorial communities or authorities.

R(2005)3 on teaching neighbouring languages in border regions.

R(2007)4 on local and regional public services.

R(2007)5 on the conclusion of transfrontier co-operation agreements in South-Eastern Europe.

R(2007)12 on capacity building at local and regional level.

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Impact of the Economic Downturn on Local Government: What is happening? What can be done about it?

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